Experienced Worker Assessment (EWA) – C&G 2346-03 NVQ Electrotechnical Level 3

From January 2021, the Mature Candidate Assessment NVQ City & Guilds 2356-99 has been replaced by the Experienced Worker Assessment (EWA) City & Guilds 2346-03 NVQ Level 3. This is designed for candidates who have over 5 years’ experience and are currently working in the Electrical Industry but have not formally completed an industry apprenticeship or NVQ Level 3 Qualification and are looking to gain full qualification as an Electrician and be able to apply for their ECS Gold Card. By undertaking this qualification candidates will be able to apply for this on completion.

Candidates undertaking the EWA can be both employed, and self-employed within the Electrical Industry, this is not designed for new entrants to the industry, candidates who do not have 5 years’ experience should contact BET regarding other training options. All interested candidates will be required to complete a Skills Scan and Candidate Background form on enrolment, this will detail experience and practical skills within the electrical industry. We will also require copies of any electrical qualification certificates that the candidate has achieved.

Candidates should have completed some electrical technical qualifications such as a Level 2 and Level 3, we have detailed below a list of some of the qualifications which candidates should have achieved to undertake the EWA, do not worry if your qualification is not listed, please contact one of our team and they will be able to assist you further.

C&G A Certificate C&G 2351 L3
C&G A Certificate plus B Certificate C&G 2330 L2
C&G 2360 Part 1 C&G 2330 L2 plus C&G 2330 L3
C&G 2360 Part 1 plus 2360 Part 2 C&G 2365 L2 plus C&G 2365 L3
Other UK based qualifications (such as BTEC, NC/HNC etc.) may also be taken into consideration against the underpinning knowledge requirements of the award. Qualifications achieved by EAL will also be considered, even though these are not listed above.

On completion of the Skills Scan, it will be identified if any further qualifications need to be completed. Most candidates will need to undertake the following elements of the Experienced Worker Assessment

  • NVQ Portfolio – collecting evidence from work undertaken on site
  • AM2E – Electrotechnical Skills Assessment (3 Days)
  • 18th Edition – up to date wiring regulations (exempt if already achieved)
  • 2391-50 – Initial Verification Test & Inspection (exempt if already achieved)

 NVQ Portfolio

To complete the EWA candidates will need to complete 6 performance units listed below

102 – Apply Health, Safety and Environmental Considerations

106 – Organise and oversee the Electrical Work Environment

108 – Terminate and Connect Conductors

113 – Inspect, Test & Commission Electrical Systems

115 – Apply Fault Diagnosis & Rectification

109 – Apply Design and Installation Practices & Procedures*

*If candidate is working in a Maintenance Role, this can be substituted for 110 Apply Practices and Procedures or Maintenance.

Birmingham Electrical Training use an E Portfolio (OneFile) to complete the performance units, (candidates undertake an induction with a training officer), this will allow them to upload evidence to their portfolio via a web browser or App.

The EWA is a site-based qualification and does not require candidates to attend college on a regular basis. If candidates have not achieved 18th Edition and Test & Inspection prior to enrolment, they would need to attend to undertake these qualifications.  The EWA is a self-motivated qualification and requires candidates to be motivated to collect evidence from the work that they are doing onsite. Our dedicated assessor is on hand to support and advise candidates during their qualification and help them achieve the qualification in a timely manner. Candidates can upload their evidence from site to an App, an assessor will then assess this work and support the building of your portfolio.

Our dedicated training officer also attend site and undertake site observations as part of your NVQ Portfolio. Included in the cost is two onsite visits which should be enough for candidates to capture the required evidence, if extra visits are needed, these are available for an extra cost.

It is expected that he EWA will take candidates a maximum of 18 months to complete, obviously the timeframe is dependent on candidate’s motivation, experience, and commitment, it might be that candidates take significantly less than the 18 months.


The AM2E is a 3-day practical assessment where you must undertake several tasks covering safe isolation, installation, fault funding and inspection & testing, these are then marked by an assessor. The AM2E is identical to the AM2S apprentices undertake at the end of their apprenticeship. BET have our own dedicated AM2E Centre, where we can offer candidates preferential dates and can have access to a AM2E Refresher course detailed below, at a discounted rate. The 2 Day refresher prepares candidates by refreshing existing knowledge ahead of their assessment.

If candidates have completed the AM2 Test previously and have a certificate issued, please contact BET and we will be able to advise further, as depending on when this was achieved, a supplementary unit may be required.

18th Edition & Test Inspection Initial Verification

As part of the Experience Workers Assessment, candidates need to hold both 18th Edition Wiring Regulations and their Test & Inspection Initial Verification as part of their qualification. For candidates who already achieved these qualifications, please provide qualification certificates at time of enrolment, allowing us to exempt candidates from undertaking these qualifications.

Birmingham Electrical Training offer a wide range of Electrical Short Courses at our centre in Birmingham. We have large training rooms and experience tutors who provide a friendly, supportive, and professional environment for candidates to attend. We offer a 4 Day 18th Edition and 4 Day 2391 Test & Inspection Course, for candidates who are undertaking the EWA with BET, further information can be provided at time of enrolment.

Experienced Worker ECS Card

As Birmingham Electrical Training is a JIB ECS Preferred Provider, we can apply for candidates undertaking the EWA for an Experienced Worker ECS Card, this allows candidates to gain access to sites so they can continue to work and collect evidence. This card is only valid for 18 months and is non-renewable. Candidates will need to have completed a Valid ECS Test and provide a valid passport style photo. If candidates do not have a valid ECS Test, then candidates can undertake this at BET’s office.

For further information and costs please complete enquiry form and one of our team will contact you to discuss, alternatively either contact our office on 0121 616 0700 or email info@betltd.co.uk

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