Mature Candidate Assessment -C&G 2356-99 Level 3 in Electrotechnical Services (NVQ)

Mature Candidate Assessment: City & Guilds 2356-99 Level 3 NVQ


As Birmingham Electrical Training is a JIB Preferred provider, we are able to offer the Mature Candidate Assessment (City & Guilds 2356-99 NVQ Level 3), this qualification is designed for candidates who have been working within the Electrical Industry for a number of years and have also done some previous Electrical Qualifications in the past. On completion of the Mature Candidate Assessment, candidates will be able to gain a Gold ECS Card.

To undertake the Mature Candidate Assessment, candidates must be currently working within the Electrical Industry and have had a number of years’ experience onsite.  Candidates will also need to have completed some Electrical Theory Qualifications, some of these are listed below. If your qualification doesn’t appear below, don’t worry please contact one of our team who will be more than happy to assist with your query?

Relevant Qualifications:

C&G A Certificate C&G 2351 L3
C&G A Certificate plus B Certificate C&G 2330 L2
C&G 2360 Part 1 C&G 2330 L2 plus C&G 2330 L3
C&G 2360 Part 1 plus 2360 Part 2 C&G 2365 L2 plus C&G 2365 L3
Other UK based qualifications (such as BTEC, NC/HNC etc.) may also be taken into consideration against the underpinning knowledge requirements of the award. Qualifications achieved by EAL will also be considered, even though these are not listed above.

This qualification is designed for candidates who are experienced within the industry and is not suitable for new entrants to the Industry, candidates who are new to the industry or have recently completed a college course would be recommended to undertake the Electrical Apprenticeship offered by Birmingham Electrical Training.

Candidates are required to collect evidence from the work they are undertaking onsite, this is normally through photographic evidence, in addition videos and onsite assessments maybe used. BET use an E Portfolio system which allows candidates to upload evidence for their NVQ via Smartphone App, Laptop or tablet. A Training Officer will then assess their evidence and build their logbook portfolio.

Normally candidates are given 18 months to complete the Mature Candidate Assessment, most candidates find they can complete this within 6-12 months, this will be dependent on their own dedication, range of work and availability for training officers to undertake Onsite Assessments.

Each candidate is allocated a dedicated training officer who is a qualified electrical assessor and who only deals with candidates undertaking the Mature Candidate Assessment, this gives candidates a dedicated staff member who can support and advise them throughout their qualification.

Struggling to get onsite? Issued with an Electrical Labours Card? Candidates undertaking the Mature Candidate assessment through Birmingham Electrical Training can gain ECS Mature Candidate Card, this is valid for 18 months and turns into a free Gold Card on completion.

* Please note this is on request and candidates will need to pay £40.00 + VAT for the card, cards normally take up to 2 Weeks to arrive and candidates must complete or have a valid ECS Test Certificate.

As part of the Mature Candidate Assessment, candidates will also need to complete a NVQ.

NVQ Level 3 Portfolio

The Electrical Installation NVQ 2356 Level 3 consists of eight units, 301 to 308 and each unit needs to be completed over three separate occasions and 2 onsite visits to assess you in the workplace.

All of the eight performance units are completed by using our online portfolio of evidence gathered from on site and assessed by our fully qualified assessment team.  To fully complete all of the performance units you will have to evidence a range of work on site.

NVQ 2356-99 Performance Units

Unit 301: Ensure Site Safe Working*

Unit 302: Diagnose and Correct Electrical Faults*

Unit 303: Provide Technical and Functional Information

Unit 304: Maintain a Safe and Healthy Working Environment*

Unit 305: Prepare to Install Electrical Wiring Systems, Wiring Enclosures and Equipment

Unit 306: Install Electrical Wiring Systems, Wiring Enclosures and Equipment

Unit 307: Connect Wiring Systems and Equipment Using Safe and Approved Methods

Unit 308: Inspect, Test and Commission an Electrical Installation*

*AM2 counts for one of these units

Unit 399: AM2 Electrotechnical occupational competence

The NVQ Logbook is one part of the Mature Candidate Assessment, in addition candidates are required to undertake the AM2 Test, and this is a 3 Day Test designed to demonstrate their Electro technical Occupation Competence in accordance with approved industry practices and the current statutory and non-statutory regulations.  Candidates will need to complete the AM2 in order to successfully complete the NVQ 2356-99.

Birmingham Electrical Training have our own AM2 Centre based in Hockley, candidates undertaking the 2356-99 with us can get priority dates and also have access to undertaking the AM2 Refresher for a discounted rate.

BET also offer a deposit and monthly instalments.

For further information and costs please complete enquiry form and email to

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