Online Portfolio System

In previous years and qualifications it was normal for all NVQ’s to be completed by paperbased logbooks.  This in itself created numerous issues with trying to engage the learners, collecting of supporting evidence and timely logbook completions.

From September 2013 Birmingham Electrical Training made the decision to switch from paper based portfolios to an online portfolio system for the new City & Guilds 2357 Electrical Diploma. This offers many benefits to the employer.

Benefits to Employer

We hope this new e-portfolio system will further engage the learner into achieving their qualification on time and keep employers up to date with their learner’s progress and achievements.

City & Guilds 2357 Electrical Installation Diploma

The City & Guilds 2357 Electrical Installation Diploma is split into Knowledge Units (taken at BET) and Performance Units (achieved on site). For every Knowledge Unit there is a corresponding Performance Unit except for units 604 & 609.

Knowledge Unit

601 Health & Safety
602 Environmental technologies
603 Overseeing the workplace
604 Principals of Installation work
705 Installation work
606 Termination & Connection
607 Inspection & Testing
608 Fault finding
609 Electrical principals

Performance Unit

311 Health & Safety
312 Environmental technologies
313 Overseeing the workplace
315 Installation work
316 Connection
317 Inspection & Testing
318 Fault finding

On completion of all Knowledge & Performance Units learners will undertake unit 399 AM2 practical skills test to complete the City & Guilds 2357 Electrical Installation Diploma.

Employers Observer Account Overview

All employers will have access to an employer’s observer account, to check the learner’s progress and to help achieve targets set out by the assessor in completing their qualification.


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