Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)


Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Update: 27 May 2020

Training: COVID-19 Secure Measures

In line with Government advice and to enable all staff and customers to comply with social distancing rules, Birmingham Electrical Training has introduced New COVID Secure Measures for all visitors and customers to our sites.

In order to attend our centre, candidates will need to follow the following guidelines. These measures have been put in place to keep both our staff and other customers as safe as possible and reduce the risk as best we can, while continuing to operate. If customers do not feel able to follow these guidelines, we will unfortunately be not permitted to undertake any training at Birmingham Electrical Training.

Social Distance Training

For candidates attending our Short Electrical Courses, we have introduced new social distancing measures in addition to the above, these are detailed below.
– Max of 8 Candidates on each course – allowing 2 metres between each customer.
– Enhanced cleaning every night of the centre.
– Self-service tea & coffee – candidates will be asked to wipe down coffee machine after use.
– Bottled water will replace water machines.
– Buffet lunch will be replaced by a delicious packed lunch prepared by a local Birmingham caterer. Please note no hot food will be provided until further notice.
– We request that no food is purchased externally and taken into the centre.

Additional Measures
Temperature – All customers/candidates will need to take their temperature on arrival to the centre using a contactless thermometer. This will be recorded daily, if the candidate has a high temperature then they will be asked to leave the building and return home.
Sanitise – All customers will be asked to regularly sanitise using the sanitiser around the centre.
Handwashing – We would encourage all customers to wash their hands regularly throughout the day.
Social Distancing – All our staff and courses will be observing strict social distancing, we would ask customers to follow the floor stickers around the centre and to reduce contact of less than 2 metres with other customers.
Face Masks – All customers attending BET will need to wear a face mask for their duration of their time in the building. Candidates can bring their own, otherwise we will supply you with a disposable mask each day, if needed.
Enhanced Cleaning – BET have increased cleaning each evening, cleaners will be enhancing cleaning measures to make sure our centre is as safe as possible.
One-way systems – Around the centre, one-way systems have been introduced, please follow these where possible.

Main Symptoms
Check if you have coronavirus symptoms.
The symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are usually mild, but some people can become very unwell.

The main symptoms of coronavirus are:
– High temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature).
– New, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual).
– Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you’ve noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal.

Most people with coronavirus have at least one of these symptoms.

What to do if you have symptoms
– Anyone with symptoms should self-isolate for 7 days from when their symptoms started.
– Anyone who does not have symptoms should self-isolate for 14 days from when the first person in your home started having symptoms.

Please see the NHS website for more information.

Apprentice classroom-based training at the centre has now stopped. However, apprentices can still contact their Training Officer and work on their OneFile portfolios during the time the centre is closed. Additionally, the tutor team is busy preparing online content to be released to you in April. We will update you when this is ready for delivery.

As many employers and apprentices will be aware, the increasing uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK has led to many apprentices and employers contacting us regarding their apprentice’s college attendance.

As per the Prime Ministers Announcement on 18 March, all schools, colleges and further education providers have been asked to close from Friday 20 March until further notice. As the apprenticeships that BET deliver are funded by Education Department they will fall under these guidelines.

Therefore, until further notice BET will be closed for apprentices to attend college as part of their apprenticeship training. This will affect the following year groups detailed below.
– 1st Year Apprentices – Block & Day Release
– 2nd Year Apprentices – Block & Day Release
– 3rd Year Apprentices – Test & Inspection Blocks
– Infill Apprentices booked to complete their 18th Edition unit from 6 April.

Along with BET apprentices being unable to attend college, until further notice BET Training Officers will no longer be visiting apprentices onsite to undertake Apprentice Reviews & Onsite Assessments. This is following Government advice not to travel unnecessarily. If employers are happy for Training Officers to attend their offices, then this will be permitted if this is a safe environment.

In lieu of attending site Training Officers will contact apprentices and arrange to undertake telephone reviews to detail their progress. They will also be the designated main contact for apprentices during this period of uncertainty. BET intend that these will take place over the phone, but are looking into the feasibility of using FaceTime & Skype, as an alternative. If they have any concerns or questions, we are advising apprentices to contact their Training Officer, whose details the apprentice should already have and can always be found on the back of their college ID card. Employers will be informed by Training Officers once their apprentices have been reviewed.

Our tutor team are currently working at haste to develop online webinar’s, teaching resources and videos for 1st and 2nd year apprentices. We hope that these will be available to be sent to apprentices to work on in their own time by early April. As soon as we have further information on this, we will communicate this to apprentices and employers.

BET would like to reassure all apprentices and employers that BET has put in place all relevant contingency plans and once further guidance is released, we will look to rearrange training when apprenticeship training providers can re-open. I appreciate the news and information detailed above will disappoint many apprentices and employers. We are in uncertain and unknown times and have not taken this decision lightly.

As the national situation is moving at a very fast pace and is often changing on a day-to-day basis, we would encourage any apprentice or employers to contact us via email using rather than using the phone line as this, at times, can be busy. This mailbox will always be monitored, and staff will be on hand to assist with this.

We would like to reassure all apprentices and employers that BET is committed to supporting and helping apprentices and employers in the difficult weeks and months ahead.


Birmingham Electrical Training offer a wide range of electrical courses for all your training needs.


Birmingham Electrical Training offer a wide range of electrical courses for all your training needs.


Birmingham Electrical Training offer a wide range of electrical courses for all your training needs.